The Vintage Market in Paris is a Must See

The Marche aux Puces is amongst my top 5 favorite destinations in Paris. A visit to the vintage market has filled many of my Sundays. Even if I return empty-handed, I still feel fulfilled.

The market is filled with century old trinkets looking for a 21st century home. It is also doused with vintage designer pieces. If you pay the market a visit and don’t see Hermes, Yves Saint Laurent and or Chanel at least once, I’ll eat dirt.

The vintage market is in the 18th district of Paris and is nestled just beyond the standard flea market in St. Ouen which is a hub of knock-off merchandise. Also, be warned that getting to the vintage market is full of other humans, some of which do not have the best intentions. So be mindful of pickpockets and plan accordingly.

Check out the Marche aux Puces location on Instagram if you are looking to feel inspired because I most certainly do. I’ve been there so many times (A- because it’s phenomenal, B- It’s a great place to bring visitors) that my favorite shop owner gave me some free crystals last week. If that is not the very definition of winning, then you’re wrong.

The Marche aux Puces is often referred to as the biggest flea market in the world. It is 9 hectares and has over 2000 vendors. It has been around since 1870 and some of the merchandise is far older than that.

As much as I’d like to adorn my apartment with the entirety of Le Marche aux Puces, I can’t. I am doing my best not to accumulate too many things while I’m here because it will be difficult to take back. But that hasn’t stopped me from picking up a few very special trinkets along the way.  Peep my mirror, jewelry box, candlestick and perfume bottle below 🙂


Not in the neighborhood? Nas de probleme (no biggie), here are a few similar pieces at your fingertips.


If you find yourself in Paris, I urge you to check out this absolute gem of a market. Also, the market is filled with English speakers so you need not worry about the language barrier. If the market seems a bit daunting to you there are a few tours to help you out meanwhile give you a history of the worlds largest flea market. Something to keep in mind before your vintage market adventure is that PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE.

Lastly, if your thirst for knowledge was left unquenched, please check out the Marche aux Puces website (it translates to English depending on your browser).

Happy hunting and…


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