May ▴ Faves

Well, May has come and log gone. But I wanted to reflect back on my favorite products of this past month.
I am and always will be lash crazy so I decided to try a fuller and more dramatic look but from the Sephora brand. They are easy and affordable and in my opinion much better than the Huda Beauty lashes which I find large and cumbersome for my dainty baby lids. The Huda beauty lids are also prone to falling apart after just a few uses. Well,  I’m not ruling out the possibility that it could be because of my hulk hands. But I did have two sets that bit the dust far too early in the game.

Along with the lashes I picked up some earth and brick tone shadows to take my eye looks up a notch. They are nicely pigmented and are a great quality for the price.

Next, we have some face goodies that I have been wearing into the ground. The Body Shop’s Oils of Life products are trés clutch for you moisture connoisseurs out there. Pictured below is the day-time moisturizer which I pair with a moisturizer that contains a salicylic acid to keep team pimple at bay. I also have the night time face oil that I apply at night and wake up with plump and moisturized skin.\

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E Y E S & F A C E

My favorite of these beauty products is the Rose Water that I swiped up from Urban Outfitters. I spritz it on my face, body and hair when needed or wanted. It’s ultra light weight and it smells divine and leaves me feeling refreshed. Do I need this product, probably not. But it pairs nicely with my floral body oil and rose perfume. In short I traipse around town smelling like your grannies rose garden.

Moving a little further south we have my newest shoe additions. With the dropping of Rihanna’s Fenty Puma line fur slides has all walks of life jumping on the fur train (and we accept them with open fur coats). I opted for a little more fluff and found this lovely pair of burgundy slides on Etsy. They are ridiculously comfortable as slides always are but once I received them I realized, wow I could most definitely done this myself. Which I 100% plan to do. So if you like these fur pups definitely try your hand in DIY and create your very own.

Ah and lastly the Rihanna Puma Fenty Creepers in Oatmeal (limited edition)… They are practically perfect in every way. One thing to keep in mind is that they run a tad small so be mindful of that. These kicks are super cute and comfortable and a perfect addition to my already bountiful platform sneaker arsenal. Bad Gal RiRi has recently dropped a wealth of new colors including a patented white. So if you were ever curious in investing. The tiempo is ahora.


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Well that’s all folks. Tell me what you think what you really, really think.

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